Payment by QR Code - Trends of the world's youth

At any location, even if you don’t carry a wallet, cash, or a bank card, you can confidently pay bills in a split second with a QR code (payment by QR code) via mobile banking. Payment by QR Code has become the modern payment trend of GenZ today.

“It’s so fast, every time I go out to eat, I don’t need a schedule to get my wallet, withdraw, count, and then continue to wait to receive the money back. Now that I have a mobile banking application available on my phone, I open it and then take a QR code and enter the amount to pay, that’s it, both convenient and modern.” – a young boy said.

Quite a lot of GenZ young people also tend to experience and like to use this smart and convenient payment feature because just use the phone camera to scan the QR code in a few seconds to be able to pay successfully when shopping, eating, when traveling by taxi, attending events, taking attendance…

Having gotten used to seeing them for a safer shopping experience throughout the pandemic, young consumers are now interested in scanning them for other benefits. Overall, 85% tell YPulse they are interested in scanning a QR code to access discounts/product information.

Although it has only been in operation for a short time, the QR code payment method has become popular and is actively accepted by smartphone owners. According to some financial experts, in the future, this form of payment will not only be widely applied on e-commerce sites, restaurants, and large supermarkets, but even small-scale stores will be able to scan it. QR by now a lot of people use smartphones.

Seeing this great potential, banks have raced to integrate QR codes on mobile banking applications as a new payment trend to increase convenience for customers. Besides, banks also offer many attractive incentives for users.

The form of payment via QR code has quickly attracted a large number of customers because of its convenience, speed and safety. All login information is actively manipulated by the user on his phone. With these two layers of security and the special format of the QR code (according to the global standards of EMVCo international), customers will be completely secure when making payment transactions by QR code.

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