The future of QR Code in 2023

The strong explosion of QR codes in the future is not only conjecture but is evaluated in detail based on actual research data. QR codes have become very handy in various aspects of human life and even in the field of business and marketing.

With the current pandemic, the world is facing, QR codes have been very useful in delivering timely information in a form of contactless way, keeping everyone’s safety as its main advantage. In particular, during the Covid-19 pandemic, QR codes have been very useful in providing a variety of information without requiring physical contact, ensuring distance during the epidemic.

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The future of QR Code in 2023

The future of QR codes this year and beyond are not just simple guesses. QR codes have become very handy in different aspects of people’s lives and even in the business and marketing sectors. According to research by Juniper Research (2021), by the end of 2022, 5.3 billion coupons in the form of QR codes will be redeemed and 1 billion smartphones will use to access QR codes.

How popular is QR Codes in 2023?

QR Code for the Medical field

In 2022, QR Codes will continue to be one of the biggest contributors to the healthcare sector. Some hospitals use QR codes in their procedures.

A bracelet with a QR code can be tied to the patient’s wrist. With just one scan, the doctor/nurse in charge can check the detailed information of the patient, the type of medicine prescribed, the duration of the medication, the list of allergies, etc.

QR codes manage the in-store shopping experience

As reported by Raydiant (2021), 82% of consumers are more likely to return if they have a positive in-store experience.

A key trend at brick-and-mortar stores is the digitization of in-store experiences, and QR codes are a key technology enabling these experiences. Sainsbury’s – a famous supermarket chain in the UK, has launched SmartShop Pick & Go service at one of the stores with a large number of customers. Consumers can scan the QR code to enter the store, select the desired product and pay by scanning the QR Code at the store’s automatic gate. The service supports consumers with an easy contactless shopping experience, allowing them to shop for items quickly and in a timely manner.

Digital menu via QR code

The Covid pandemic has changed the way people experience eating in a way that is safe, limiting contact and the spread of the virus. Some health organizations have encouraged restaurants to switch to disposable menus. However, due to the increase in printing costs and negative impact on the environment, QR Code attachment menu becomes a safe and effective alternative.

Attach the menu QR code to the tabletop or to the wall. Through a simple scan, customers can view menus on smartphones and place orders with ease. The method above promotes a contactless dining experience and eliminates the hassles of Covid-19.

With famous restaurants such as KFC, and McDonald’s switching to using digital menu QR codes, many food establishments have also applied this technology to bring a safe and sophisticated dining experience to customers. .

QR code on the package

The pandemic has promoted the importance of transparency, and QR codes serve as the ideal technology to share relevant information to help consumers make faster and smarter purchasing decisions.

Studies mention that 74% of consumers trust products with transparent and honest information on their packaging. QR codes on product packaging can be linked to all kinds of information, from recipes to coupons and even music to enhance the brand experience.

Campbell’s, an American soup company, has partnered with Universal Music Group (UMG) and implemented QR codes on its cans. Once scanned, consumers can access recipes, behind-the-scenes content, and playlists featuring new songs by UMG artists. This campaign allows consumers to interact with the brand and listen to music while cooking their favorite meals.

Implement QR codes for purchase marketing campaigns

With QR codes becoming more and more popular, many big brands are incorporating QR code marketing into their marketing campaigns to serve customers with ads that enable online purchases.

According to a study by DistinationCRM (2021), 88% of consumers use a second device while watching TV. Scanning QR codes has become a habit of consumers. Thereby, marketing campaigns that allow online purchases using QR codes have the potential to drive conversions.

Burger King’s marketing campaign on TV with a floating QR code has brought a very positive effect. With just a simple scan, viewers will be directed to Burger King’s website which offers coupons for online purchases.


QR codes are extensively being used everywhere. QR Codes are now in more places than one can anticipate, such as movie tickets, plane tickets, official documents, social media channels, and payment systems.

The future of QR codes depends on their usage and penetration in different industry applications that are anticipated to rise in the years ahead.

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